Atlas Orthogonal

Dr. Katie and Dr. Nor focus on a chiropractic approach called Atlas Orthogonal (AO), also known as Atlas Chiropractic or Upper Cervical Chiropractic, which targets the top bone in your spine, the atlas. This is the area in which any distortions in spinal function appear. It is the most important part of your spine as it protects your brainstem and nervous system.

Dr. Katie using the Atlas Orthogonal Instrument


To review the relationship between your spine and skull, pictures are needed of your spine. A side view can show the curvature of your spine and whether it is exaggerated or lost. A nasium view, which is taken with your mouth wide open, displays the relationship between your neck and head. Finally, the vertex view offers a view of your atlas in relation to your skull. These three images together can help Dr. Katie and Dr. Nor to calculate the angle of the adjusting instrument that will be used in this treatment.

Instrument Used

An instrument is used to achieve precise adjustments. It will barely touch your skin and moves quickly to create a pressure wave on your body. Energy transfers to your atlas, which moves the bones thanks to the four to six pounds of pressure delivered by the instrument.

The Results

Within minutes of the adjustment taking place with the instrument, some patients report a sense of warmth, while others even feel complete relief. Naturally, this treatment usually requires multiple appointments to retrain your muscles, and in turn, this will result in a better relationship between your spine and skull. This treatment method helps to encourage natural healing with your body, and nerve interference is minimized.

Our Services & Techniques

We offer many different services here at Performance Chiropractic in our Westminster location. Below you’ll find a selection of some of our most popular treatments.

Image of an adjustment.

Chiropractic Treatment

Using chiropractic techniques, we can offer spinal correction thanks to various treatment options on offer today. Dr. Katie Gross has many years of experience and training in performing spinal adjustments, so you’ll feel safe and comfortable during your session.

Image of woman lifting weights.

Corrective Exercises

Screenings can help to show additional areas of concern in regards to your posture and spine, which can, in turn, lead to better overall wellbeing and health. We travel around the local area to offer screenings. Contact our office today for more information or to arrange a screening at your workplace.

Image of woman doing yoga.

Exercises to Correct and Strengthen your Spine

We can equip our patients with a set of spinal exercises, which they can then add to their daily routine at home. These exercises are designed to correct and strengthen the spine and work alongside your chiropractic treatment for quicker results. They will help to align your spine by working the connective tissues and muscles surrounding this area, to provide balance and improved overall health.

Image of healthy foods.

Nutritional Programs

If you are looking for advice on making healthier food decisions or are looking to add supplements into your diet, Dr. Katie Gross can offer you a nutritional plan that’s tailored to your needs. You’ll learn about how different vitamins and supplements work together or against each other to design a program that targets your areas of concern.

Image of a muscular back.

Lifestyle Consultations

When experiencing particular challenges with your health, we can help to advise patients on what they should and shouldn’t do for the time being. Certain activities can exasperate health conditions, and we want you to be able to enjoy a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle for years to come. We strive to treat every patient as an individual and work with them to reach their optimum health.

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