Your First Visit With Us

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Patient Forms

If it’s your first time at Performance Chiropractic – welcome! Our friendly receptionist will welcome you upon arrival at our office. From there, we will ask you to complete your patient forms in our New Patient Center, where we can receive details of your current situation as well as any current or previous health conditions.

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Dr. Katie Gross will then welcome you in for your initial consultation. During this time, she will discuss your problems and concerns and then share with you the potential treatment you could receive to eliminate these issues. During your consultation, Dr. Katie Gross will work alongside you to learn about your expectations from chiropractic care, so we can help meet your requirements.

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Following on from your consultation, Dr. Katie Gross will perform a series of tests as part of a complete chiropractic examination. These tests are designed to test your flexibility and reflexes, and nothing will be done during this time without your consent. She’ll also perform a series of standard postural, neurological, physical, and orthopedic tests.

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Certain conditions also require further investigation via X-rays. These X-rays are taken to check for any serious spinal conditions and allow us to create the best treatment plan for your needs. X-rays are a fantastic way to notice any degeneration and misalignments, and patients often enjoy learning more about their condition during this consultation.

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Findings Report and Answering Your Questions

Now that all of the details of your condition are collected, Dr. Katie Gross can provide you with a detailed report regarding her findings. She’ll also strive to answer common questions you may have, including:

  • How will atlas chiropractic care help me?
  • How often should I book in for sessions?
  • What is the cost of my treatment plan?

Dr. Katie Gross will discuss her recommendations for your treatment and will also inform you if you need to receive treatment with another medical provider as well. After reviewing your health history through the consultation, examination, and X-rays, Dr. Katie Gross will share her recommended treatment plan for your needs.

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Treatment Sessions

Many patients like to receive their first atlas orthogonal treatment at the end of this initial appointment and consultation. During your first treatment, you’ll experience an interactive session, so you can share any worries you have. Expect to receive physical therapy, spinal adjustment, and soft tissue massage, depending on your needs.

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A Suggested Wellness Program

Dr. Katie Gross will suggest a wellness program during your initial appointment, which can be used to complement the treatment you will receive at the office. This could include applying ice or heat to your area of pain or avoiding certain activities. There may be some stretches or exercises you could perform at home, which will help to relieve your discomfort. Our wellness team can work with you directly if you like to help build healthier habits into your daily routine with a customized wellness plan. As well as working on your spinal alignment, it can also help with your exercise routine, diet, and mental wellbeing.

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