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Work-related injuries can occur at any point during our careers. Depending on the severity of these injuries, they may stop you from completing your daily work to the best of your ability. Here we’re going to look at the various types of work-related injury and how you can seek relief if you are suffering from an injury of this type.

What is a Work-Related Injury?

A work-related injury is an injury that takes place in the workplace and is caused by an action or event during your working day. This may be an accident that leads to a sudden injury, or it may be an injury that occurs over time due to repetitive movements from your job. A work-related injury can happen as a result of handling or lifting heavy objects and falling or tripping over an obstacle in your office, but could also be the result of general muscular stress and fatigue.

Seeking Relief After a Work-Related Injury

If you are struggling with a work-related injury, we encourage you to seek relief immediately. Whether you’ve had a severe injury in the last few days or are struggling with long-term pain, the sooner you receive treatment, the better your chances of recovery are. Dr. Katie Gross at Performance Chiropractic can offer treatment for a wide range of work-related injuries. During your initial appointment, she’ll work to understand the issues you are facing and then create a treatment plan for your work-related injury. The quicker you can begin treatment, the sooner you’ll return to working at your full capacity and start enjoying your job again.

Different Kinds of Work Injuries

Work-related injuries can take many forms today, but strains and sprains are some of the most common injuries we see. Slips, trips, and falls often result in these types of injuries, and repetitive strains are common in jobs that require frequent heavy lifting or repetitive manual labor. Work injuries can occur on any part of the body, but most commonly, back pain is experienced. This is something that should be treated as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Wherever possible, we highly encourage you to avoid the work which has created this issue in the first place while you are undergoing treatment.

Visiting a Chiropractor

A chiropractor can help anyone suffering from back or neck pain. If you’ve sustained a work-related injury, a chiropractor will offer you immediate treatment for your pain and then put together a long-term plan to restore your health to its previous state. After the initial treatment, you can work on corrective treatment to help reduce the chance of a work-related injury occurring again in the future. This will help you to return to work and continue your job to the best of your ability. Don’t put off seeing a chiropractor for a work-related injury, as this is a common problem that is best treated as soon as possible.

If you’ve suffered from a work-related injury, contact the team at Performance Chiropractic in Westminster CO today. Dr. Katie Gross will work with you to devise a treatment plan to minimize your pain and reduce the chance of an injury happening again in the future.

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