Coming From Thornton

For anyone based in Thornton, CO, who may be looking for a chiropractor to work with, Performance Chiropractic is a convenient option for your needs. Located just a short fifteen-minute drive away from Thornton, you’ll find Performance Chiropractic’s office situated at 7627 W 88th Ave, Westminster, CO, 80005. Dr. Katie Gross and her team are here to welcome you to the office and create a treatment plan to help reduce any pain you may currently be facing.

Why You Should Make the Trip From Thornton

As Performance Chiropractic is located just a short fifteen-minute drive from Thornton, it’s one of your closest chiropractic offices. You’ll receive high-quality treatment that will help to eliminate any concerns you may be facing. Regardless of where you are currently experiencing pain, we know that this can really impact your quality of life. Dr. Katie Gross works with clients of all ages from Thornton and will work with you to understand your current condition and improve your overall health. As well as reducing your current pain, chiropractic work can minimize the chance of an injury in the future or your pain continuing to impact your life.

Coming to Performance Chiropractic

If you decide to travel to Performance Chiropractic from Thornton, we kindly ask that you call up the office ahead of your visit. We’ll ensure you are booked in for a consultation as soon as possible. Make sure you fill out the patient forms on our website beforehand, which makes the registration process at the office much quicker and smoother. Dr. Katie Gross and her team will welcome you to the office and ensure you are comfortable throughout your time with us.

Your first visit will always begin with a full consultation so that we can work together to alleviate any pain you are experiencing. You’ll receive an examination and X-rays if needed, which can help Dr. Katie Gross to create a full treatment plan for the upcoming weeks and months. Your previous medical history will also be reviewed to ensure that we are working alongside any other medical treatment you are currently receiving. During your first visit, you’ll also receive your first adjustments so that you can feel immediate relief from any pain you are experiencing.

Using the Atlas Orthogonal Technique

One of the other reasons to consider traveling to our office is to receive treatment with the Atlas Orthogonal technique. This form of treatment focuses on the top bone in your spine, the atlas. An instrument is used to deliver pressure and move the atlas. After just a few visits, you’ll notice a huge reduction in your pain and improved quality of life.

As our office is just fifteen minutes away from Thornton, you’ll find Performance Chiropractic in Westminster to be a good local chiropractic office. Dr. Katie Gross and her team will work with you to create a treatment plan that’s customized to your personal situation and to improve your health and wellbeing this year. Contact us today to get booked in for your first appointment at Performance Chiropractic.

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