Chiropractic Care - What to Expect

Setting Good Foundations for your Overall Health

For your body to function properly, you need to lay good foundations. Just as with any structure, if you don’t lay a solid foundation before building on it, it will soon collapse. Our bodies are exactly the same. In order to fully repair your body, it will need to be put through a complete treatment plan. This will give it the time it needs to fully repair itself in the correct manner. There are three different stages to chiropractic care, which you’ll go through in the order specified below:

Stage 1: Relief Care

Many patients who first visit our office find themselves in pain each day. Our first aim is to ensure the pain is relieved, so you can begin to feel better going about your day-to-day life. The number of sessions you will need during this stage can vary between patients, but it typically is around two to three sessions a week for between one and three months.

Providing Relief for Your Symptoms

During this first stage of care, relieving the current pain you feel is the number one priority. In some situations, this may involve everyday visits, but most people will need to visit two or three times a week.

Pain is not the only indication of your health, and sometimes pain will only appear in very advanced stages of disease or illness. Just because you feel little pain currently, it doesn’t mean you are experiencing good health.

When it comes to chiropractic care, you’ll find the pain may feel better during the initial stage of treatment. However, that doesn’t mean the work is over, as your underlying condition will still remain. Just as with any other conditions, expect a long-term treatment plan to be needed to correct any underlying issues and improve your health for the long run.

Stage 2: Corrective and Restorative Care

Following the relief care stage, you’ll enter into the corrective or restorative care stage. During this phase, your muscles and tissues receive the treatment they need to return to full health, which will reduce the chance of future injury. This stage can last for between six months and two years, and you’ll typically receive treatment four to eight times each month during this time.

Working Towards Optimal Health

For many chiropractors, stage one of the process is usually the most straightforward. Once the pain is reduced, you may feel like you can return to your normal routine, but in order to avoid the symptoms returning in the future, corrective care is essential. If the pain is reduced and treatment stops, it’s likely that the issue will come back to a greater extent in the future.

In the second phase of treatment, the regularity of your treatment will be reduced. You may be recommended to also undertake specific exercises or stretches at home, which will become part of your everyday life to ensure you enjoy optimal health for years to come.

During this time, there are occasions where patients experience a mild reoccurrence of their pain. Please do not feel disheartened if this occurs, as your body is still not completely healed after this short time. If you’ve been suffering from your injury for years, your body won’t return to its regular state overnight. It’s normal for this phase of treatment to last for a few months, all the way up to two years, if you have a more severe injury.

Stage 3: Wellness Care

After six months to two years of treatment, your body should be fully healed. However, we always recommend patients return between one to four times each month for adjustments to avoid potential issues moving forward.

Keeping Your Body in Optimal Condition

Although your body may be healed from your previous pain and discomfort, we recommend adding chiropractic care into your monthly routine. Similar to an exercise plan or diet, chiropractic care will ensure you enjoy good musculoskeletal health for years to come.

By adding regular appointments to your schedule, you’ll minimize the aches you experience and reduce the chance of future injuries. This means you can keep enjoying the sports or adventures you love without suffering from pain and discomfort.

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