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Aligning Your Atlas Vertebra

Your atlas vertebra is a critical part of your spine and assists with your overall health. When your atlas vertebra is misaligned, you may notice that you have discomfort doing even the most basic of everyday tasks. Let’s take a look at why aligning your atlas vertebra is so important and how the atlas chiropractic technique can work to overcome any issues you are experiencing.

Why Aligning Your Atlas Vertebra is Important 

When your atlas vertebra is correctly aligned, your spine will remain stable, and your body will heal from any misalignment. You’ll also find that this area impacts your nervous system, and when it’s aligned correctly, it will also help to fight off any diseases. Poor posture is a common symptom of a misaligned atlas vertebra, and it can give you aches and pains every day when trying to carry out your daily work.

How Atlas Chiropractic Can Help

Atlas chiropractic treatments are the perfect solution for anyone with a misaligned atlas vertebra. This technique works to align the spine, and Dr. Katie Gross specializes in this treatment. It will help to relieve any pressure you are feeling in your back or neck and make any pain much more manageable. Dr. Katie Gross is a chiropractor in Westminster Colorado.

Symptoms of Having Your Atlas Vertebra Misaligned 

Your atlas becomes unbalanced for a variety of reasons, including injury or osteoarthritis. The symptoms of this will vary on the severity of the misalignment but could include back pain, back spasms, or neck pain. However, for some people, the pain they experience is chronic, and they overcompensate in other areas of their body in order to stand or sit each day. You might also experience secondary symptoms, which include headaches, dizziness, exhaustion, or nausea. As you can imagine, all of these symptoms are very unpleasant, so we highly recommend seeing a specialist to realign your atlas vertebra immediately.

Causes of Atlas Misalignment

The most common cause of atlas misalignment is an injury, which could happen to any of us at any stage of our life. Whether you’ve been in a car accident or a sporting accident, you might find that your atlas is misaligned as a result of this. On top of that, poor posture can often be a cause of atlas misalignment. If you’ve been sitting or standing poorly for many months or years, this may force your spine and neck out of line and cause many health issues in the future. These can both be avoided to some extent, and when it comes to poor posture, we recommend that you think very carefully about your office and working setup each day to avoid putting too much pressure on your back and neck.

If you’ve been struggling with back or neck pain and believe your atlas vertebra is misaligned, we highly recommend considering atlas chiropractic treatment. This can help to naturally realign your back and reduce the pain you are currently experiencing. Dr. Katie Gross specializes in this type of chiropractic treatment and will be here to welcome you to her office whenever you are struggling with any of the symptoms listed above.

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