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Should I Get Adjusted by a Chiropractor?

It is quite common to doubt the usefulness of going to a chiropractor due to the lack of importance with which this career is treated on television when the reality is that this practice is highly effective in relieving pain without the need to use drugs that only create dependency. There are many reasons to go to a chiropractor, and you don’t have to suffer any kind of accident to make the right decision. Thrive Family Chiropractic in Rapid City, SD is a clinic that specializes in treating neck and back pain, as well as reducing headaches and migraines, and will take care of more than one problem at a time.

The entire spine.

It is quite common to believe that the only area to be treated is the back and the back pain when the truth is that the spine runs from the beginning of the neck to the end of the hip, and in any of these regions, pain can be lodged due to bad posture, excess time in one position, and even traffic accidents and falls. The chiropractor will be responsible for identifying the area of pain and will give the appropriate treatment, thus reducing and then eliminating the pain after the sessions that are necessary according to the case.

Scoliosis and other injuries.

Scoliosis is a malformation of birth and consists of the deviation of the spine, which causes constant pain due to poor posture and excess weight. This pain can be treated by a chiropractor and you will see results from the first week. This problem cannot be solved with surgery but that does not mean that you should live with pain or worse, by taking pain medication. You just need good therapy to start seeing results.

Neck pain and headaches.

They can because of bad posture and excessive working hours in the office. It is said that this is the easiest job when the reality is that sitting in the same position all day can be highly detrimental, in addition to the fact that hunched over a desk is terrible. This position can create injuries that generate unbearable headaches, but with the right treatment, it can be completely eradicated, and SonicChiro has the professionals you need.


The most familiar pain for those who have suffered car accidents. Many people believe that it’s a lifelong pain, but Rapid City, SD chiropractors think differently because you don’t have to wear a special neck brace all the time when your neck can return to normal function. Come to our office, make an appointment and discover the instant improvements our treatment offers.

There is no need to live in constant pain, and we have a large number of patients who confirm this. If you are still not completely sure, we recommend that you give it a try, because after the first appointment you will see for yourself the changes that occur in your body and mind, as the peace of mind of living without pain is amazing.

About the Author

Dr. Kilby Rech is a Rapid City chiropractor, and welcomes clients from the Rapid City South Dakota area. He has many years of training in the industry and is available for speaking engagements. He is extremely passionate about educating individuals and families. Thrive Family Chiropractic offers a non-invasive, holistic solution to your aches and pains. Visit for more details.

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