Do you have "normal" headaches?

Do you have "normal" headaches?

Headaches are Common but NOT Normal

This is some thing I hear a lot. When I ask somebody if they experience a lot of headaches they respond with something along the lines of "no, just my regular headaches" or "nothing crazy, it's a normal amount" or something along those lines. Breaking news: there is no normal amount of headaches to have!! Sure, you may have been getting headaches for so long that it seems normal to you, and there are a lot of people that suffer with regular headaches, but just because headaches are common does not mean they are normal.

Pain is the alarm system in our body. When we feel pain, that tells us that something is wrong or something is uncomfortable. Our bodies are very smart and very resilient, so our brains can actually handle something wrong for a long period of time before even sounding the alarm. This means that the issue has most likely started long before you ever began to feel pain. Additionally, the longer you have been dealing with something generally means it will take longer to heal and recover from it.

You Are Meant To Feel Good!

Our bodies are supposed to function well. We should be able to go about our daily lives without feeling pain or discomfort. Now because so much of us deal with pain every day, this may seem like a crazy concept, but it’s true! If we all ate healthy, exercised regularly, took care of aches and pains when they first started rather than let them build up for years and years and years, we would all be way healthier and feel way better! But unfortunately most people don’t start thinking that there is something wrong with them until they have been putting up with the pain or discomfort for a long period of time.

Tension Headaches

If you suffer from headaches, there are many different things that could be leading to the pain. The most common one is tension: a lot of people say that they carry their stress or tension in their neck, shoulders, or upper back. This neck stiffness or upper back pain can lead to headaches. If the muscles in your neck or shoulders are very tight and tense, then they will be tight and tense all the way leading up to your skull. This is what causes tension headaches.

Chiropractors can help with this because they can work on the spine and structure to make sure that nothing is out of alignment and causing the muscles to pull more than they should. Chiropractors can also help tension headaches by doing soft tissue and trigger point therapy in the area to help relax the tight muscles.

Vascular Headaches

Other headaches can be caused by a vascular issue. If you have a misalignment in your spine then it could be preventing the proper amount of blood to go in or out of your brain. Now this may sound scary, but it is usually just a minor adjustment that needs to be made to allow the blood to flow properly. Patients who suffer from vascular headaches, where they may feel throbbing or pulsing in their head, often report great relief from gentle chiropractic adjustments like the ones we perform at our office. There is no twisting or popping, so our procedure is safe for the neck and blood vessels.

Dietary Headaches

Headaches can also be caused by dietary factors, like too much caffeine or not enough water. An easy way to fix this is to regulate the amount of caffeine you drink every day and avoid excessive amounts. It's also wise to have the same amount around the same time every day to avoid major changes in blood pressure. If you are not drinking enough water, your body can get dehydrated, and dehydration is one of the biggest causes of headaches.

How Atlas Orthogonal Can Help

The Atlas Orthogonal procedure is a gentle way to adjust the top the spine. If you are suffering from chronic headaches, you would very likely benefit from getting the top of your spine checked, since this is where most headaches stem from. Our technique is safe, gentle, and effective for headache relief. You can read more about how we help patients find relief from headaches and migraines here:

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