Importance of Having Entire Spine Aligned

Importance of Having Entire Spine Aligned

Your spine is one of the most critical areas of your body and impacts your overall health more than you might realize. Keep reading as we share some of the top reasons why having your entire spine aligned is so important and the best treatment options to ensure you remain in optimum health.

Why is Having Your Spine Aligned So Important?

Our spine has two major functions for the body. Firstly, it works to keep your body balanced and standing upright, but secondly, it will protect your central nervous system. When your spine is well aligned, your body will be in balance, and communication between your body and brain will be efficient and effective. When your spine isn’t aligned, you might experience a wide range of symptoms. While these often are limited to back or neck pain, there are other side effects that can be extremely unpleasant.

How Can I Tell If My Spine is Aligned?

When your spine is out of line, you’ll find that you usually notice pain in your neck, back, or shoulders. Some people don’t even realize their spine is out of alignment, but you may have other side effects which could be an indication of this problem. These could include insomnia, headaches, depression, digestive issues, joint pain, and chronic fatigue. This is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right, and your body has to work harder to compensate for being out of balance. Your central nervous system can’t operate to the best of its ability, which is why these common side effects appear.

The Spine and Body Relationship

The spine is more critical than you might imagine to your overall health. Breaking your spine often leads to loss of function in other limbs, which is why we must do everything in our power to protect our spine during our life. Your central nervous system looks after all of the parts of your body, including your body tissues to the largest organs. The brain will sense impulses along the spinal cord, which control your movement and pain sensors.

When your spine is misaligned, it can’t perform this role properly, which is why you end up with so many different symptoms as a result of back and neck issues. Our back is so crucial for any activity you might want to do in life, whether that’s lifting boxes or playing sport. When you are in pain moving every day, you’ll find that you aren’t able to enjoy the quality of life you are used to, which can start to take its toll on your mental and physical health.

If you think your spine might be misaligned, it’s critical to receive attention immediately to avoid any further pain or side effects. Here at Performance Chiropractic, Dr. Katie Gross is a chiropractor in Westminster, and offers a range of chiropractic treatments to help you overcome any issues you are facing. She will be happy to discuss any concerns you have and offer you a full assessment to see where there are any areas of misalignment. Contact her office today to book your first appointment and realign your spine to help your body remain in optimum health for many years to come.

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