• Is Your Neck Pain and Migraine Related?
    Read more
  • Do You Suffer From Migraines? Do These Things To Prevent Them
    If you suffer from chronic migraines, you know how debilitating they can be. While some people may categorize migraines as headaches or compare the two, you and I both know Read more
  • 5 Simple Workspace Upgrades to Decrease Pain
    Neck pain and back pain from sitting at your desk is very common. Here are some quick tips to upgrade your work space and decrease the tension in your neck Read more
  • A New Treatment for Chronic Headaches
    A new specialized treatment for chronic headaches Do you have chronic headaches? Are you wondering if your headaches, migraines, or vertigo are being caused by an injury to your neck? You Read more
  • Should I Get Adjusted by a Chiropractor?
    It is quite common to doubt the usefulness of going to a chiropractor due to the lack of importance with which this career is treated on television when the reality Read more
  • Short Term vs Long Term Pain
    Short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic) pain is unwanted, uncomfortable, and unpleasant. Pain can also change from mild to severe, restricting activities and reducing your quality of life. While short-term pain Read more
  • Seeking Help with Muscle Pain
    With the numerous muscles throughout the body, it’s difficult to avoid aches and pains at times. While most types of muscle pain are temporary and commonly caused by overworking, it Read more
  • Treating Scoliosis with Chiropractic Care
    Many people who are unaware of the benefits of chiropractic care, have the mistaken notion that back pain is the only condition treated by chiropractors. On the contrary, there are Read more
  • Back to School Backpack Tips
    School is in session now, and that means kids across the nation have to be supplied with all the necessary items needed for school work and for daily sessions in Read more
  • Home Office: How to Prevent Pain
    When you're working from home, and you have a home office set up to accomplish your daily tasks, it's important that you keep good ergonomics in mind so that you Read more
  • Can Seeing A Chiropractor Help With My Pain?
    There are more than 70 million people in this world who suffer from chronic pain. As a result, people visit doctors for various types of issues. For example, back is Read more
  • When Should I See A Chiropractor?
    Whether we stay at home or work an office job, our daily tasks can affect our bodies. As a result, you may experience a variety of negative symptoms. For example, Read more
  • How Long Do I Need To See A Chiro?
    Chiropractic treatment is an alternative form of healthcare that does not rely on drugs. Instead, chiropractors use their hand movements to help ease your pain. This is one of the Read more
  • Seeing A Chiropractor For My Dog?
    Note: Dr Katie Gross does not provide adjustments for dogs Chiropractic care is one of the best ways to recover from various types of muscle and joint pain. However, did you Read more
  • Different Types of Headaches
    When you are trying to go about with your everyday work, one of the biggest distractions you can experience is a headache. A headache can make it almost impossible to Read more
  • Is Atlas Chiropractic Worth it?
    If you’ve never experienced atlas chiropractic treatment before, you might be wondering if this is a good option for your needs. Today we’re going to explore whether atlas chiropractic is Read more

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